Procesadora Boliviana de Alimentos PROBAL was founded in 1996 by pioneer and visionary José Oscar Maldonado Orellana, his business vision made him bet on bringing the almond from the east to Cochabamba, his native land, to be able to process the abundant tropical crops commonly called Brazil nuts, Amazon nuts or para chestnut, which grow in the rich Amazon soil of the jungles of the Beni and Pando departments of Bolivia.

Probal is dedicated to processing to supply Brazil nuts and they are delivered to clients mainly in:

  • EE. UU.
  • Europe
  • England
  • Middle East
  • Australia
  • Russia

The company grew steadily over the following years, expanding its geographic reach on all continents and constantly expanding its customer base.

PROBAL has always worked closely with regional harvesters who supply Brazil nuts.


Currently, the company is run by the second generation of his sons, Giovanna and Oscar Maldonado, general and commercial managers, respectively, who gave the company its international technification, certification and projection.

Thanks to the new vision of the new entrepreneurs, the company has more safety and health certifications, among which ISO 22000 (food) and TÜV Rheiland and Kosher Certification stand out, which guarantee its quality for export.

At the PROBAL Srl, we have the following objectives:

  • Ensure the safety of our product through the application of Good Manufacturing Practices and HACCP System principles.
  • Maintain effective communication with stakeholders in the production chain of our products (customers, suppliers, legal authorities).
  • Use first-class raw materials and supplies.
  • Perfect the efficiency of our processes.
  • Permanently train personnel to carry out their work in a hygienic and adequate manner.
  • Improve the profitability of the company.


PROBAL Srl's mission is to supply the national and international market with dehydrated almonds, processed under rigorous standards of high quality and safety. Committed to the development of our human resources and seeking to maximize the value of the company.


To be a competitive and nationally and internationally recognized company in the supply of food products, specialized in dried fruits, which meet the highest standards of quality and safety, being accredited with international certifications that endorse it, Counting on committed staff to those who offer opportunities for growth and teamwork with the slogan of continuous improvement.

Allergen Policy

At PROBAL Srl we carry out the processing of Almond, a raw material that belongs to the allergenic product classification, this being the only product processed in the plant. We are aware of the importance of correct consumer information and of the severe effects that the intake of a product with an undeclared allergen can cause; for this reason, we control that PROBAL does not include any other allergen as an input in the raw material process, training personnel in order to educate, sensitize and raise awareness about the importance of the subject.

Safety Policy

At PROBAL Srl we have a firm commitment to offer a safe and natural product that meets the requirements demanded by legal authorities and clients in matters of safety and quality. To fulfill this commitment, we focus our efforts on the continuous improvement of our personnel, processes and technology; seeking to maintain effective communication with all stakeholders in our production chain.

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PROBAL srl - Procesadora Boliviana de Alimentos
Specialists in the production and supply of High Quality Dried Brazil Nuts.

Management and Production

- Cochabamba (Bolivia)

Storage Raw Material

- Guayaramerín (Bolivia)

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